What is Ear Vacuuming

Ear Vacuuming or as it is more commonly known, Ear Micro-suction is a procedure carried out by an audiologist using a tool that can suck out the ear wax blocking the sound.

Ear wax vacuuming

Is Ear Vacuuming safe?

Yes, when performed by a trained and qualified audiologist ear vacuuming is the least invasive approach to removing ear wax from the ear canals.

Other procedures like ear syringe cleaning involve squirting water into the ears to wash out the wax may give you a wired sensation although is still a safe way to remove ear wax.

Can I vacuum my own ears?

We strongly recommend only having micro-suction ear wax removal performed by a trained professional as it involves using instruments in your ear canal.
Your ears are delicate and can easily be damaged causing hearing issues.

Where can I get my ears vacuumed?

As most GPs on the NHS do not offer ear wax removal anymore you will need to visit an audiologist to have your ears vacuumed free of wax.
The great news is this is simple and quick to perform and therefore it does not cost much in the UK.

Depending on where you live prices can vary between £65 – £100 for both ears to be vacuumed.


If you would like to know more about our micro-suction ear wax removal service we have a page all about Wax Removal. Or you can call 0800 048 5688 to book an appointment today with a clinic near you.