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Ear wax can build up in the ear canals for many reasons. Ear wax build-up may mean ear wax removal could be necessary if this build-up of wax becomes a problem. For most people, their ears will get rid of the excess wax in natural ways by moving to the outer ear via jaw movements from eating or talking, after which, it would dry and flake off. However, sometimes ear wax can block the ear canals. Ear wax blockages can arise by ear producing too much wax, using earplugs or even hereditary issues.

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How do you get ear wax blocked ears?

For most your ears will push and clean out ear wax naturally this isn’t the case for some.

Some reasons you may have a build-up of ear wax are:

You may have more wax in your ears than other people do.
your ears may be hairy or, you have narrow ear canals which can easily trap more wax producing the ear wax build-up.
As you age wax gets firmer and can find it more troublesome for the natural processes to let the ear wax fall out.
Using hearing aids, swimming earplugs, headphone earplugs, or other devices can cause ear wax build up more than it should.

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Symptoms of ear wax build-up

Some symptoms you may experience are:

  • Earache
  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Itchiness
  • Dizziness
  • Ear infection
  • Tinnitus, which can be sounds or high-pitched ringing coming from inside the ear

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What can we do to help remove the wax?

If you feel like your hearing quality may be affected due to ear wax building up in your ears, it is a good idea to seek advice from an audiologist.

They will tell you if your hearing is being affected by ear wax build-up or other hearing loss causes where a different solution would be more beneficial.

Once the cause of your hearing problem is identified; the audiologist suggests the most appropriate course of action, In most cases, this is micro-suction

Micro suction is the most innovative and safest way of ear wax removal, that is a quick easy and painless method which makes it very popular. Micro Suction wax removal can not only benefit your hearing quality but can sometimes also improve a tinnitus issue.


But what about those home remedies?

Some home remedies can provide a little help, although, can prove very dangerous if performed incorrectly. You made find you have pushed the ear wax in further, developed an ear infection, due to not using sanitised equipment or even causing permeant damage to your hearing. We always recommend talking with a medical professional or seeking help from a qualified audiologist before you risk your hearing health.
Information on wax blockages

Do you want more information on ear wax, ear wax build-up and how it affects your hearing? We recommend speaking with us at Premier Hearing or checking out the NHS website page on ear wax blockages.

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