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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is quite common you will find most people suffer some symptoms of it although they will be unaffected by it in their day to day life. Although on the other side it can end up being very disruptive. Tinnitus affects people’s sleep, mood and mental health most commonly leading to depression, alongside even causing pain. It can manifest in many forms such as a ringing, hissing, cracking and clicking, including voices and music, in some cases.

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can either be: Subjective is what most people have when experiencing symptoms. That the person suffering can only notice, and there is no visible problem. Objective which is when it can still only be heard by you. But also a qualified professional would be able to see or find a source of a sound. Although, this is much rarer than subjective occurs. The word tinnitus is derived, from the Latin verb tinnire, which means “to ring”. Most people would describe their tinnitus to be a ringing sound. However, it could also be a buzzing, clicking, humming or some other type of sound. Most cases are gradual and become more prominent as time goes on. Especially as we get older or work in loud, busy environments, it could also come about suddenly and unexpectedly

How can we help your tinnitus problem?

As a Member of Tinnitus UK, which partner with trusted advice and tinnitus treatment centres. Premier Hearing can provide you with treatment and information to give you more control over your hearing, to help you, improve your tinnitus and hearing health.

Not all audiologists are qualified to provide treatment because of the complex nature of tinnitus. As certified professionals at Premier Hearing, we can help you.

If we do not operate in your area, we will direct you to other qualified audiologist professionals recommended across the UK. Depending on the type of tinnitus you have, how it affects you and where the issue stems from, we will determine how we will help you. There are many different treatment options, whether that be through a hearing device or a sound therapy. Take an online tinnitus assessment test from our partners Tinnitus UK to help you understand.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus can be affected by many different sources, not just hearing loss or ear health, but even foods, drinks or medicines could affect your tinnitus problem. Speaking with a trained and credited hearing professional will help you find the cause of tinnitus and the solution to a much better quality of life to help you regain control. Symptoms of Tinnitus:

  • Ringing, Hissing or Clicking in your ears
  • Voices or sounds like songs that others cannot hear (auditory hallucinations)
  • Pulsatile sound, often this will match up with the heartbeat
  • A sound that only you can perceive which causes pain
  • A noise that stops you sleeping no one else can hear.

Above is not an extensive list and we recommend seeking advice from a hearing professional, especially if you hear any sound that could be distributive to you. Getting Tinnitus Treatment sooner can help improve the quality of your life in the future.

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