Audiclean ear cleansing wash 115ml Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash offers a safe and effective alternative to cotton buds. Used as part of your personal care routine, Audiclean will keep your ears refreshingly clean and clear. Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash contains only 100% natural Sea Serum from the crystal-clear waters off St-Malo. The water here is unique, as the strong tides constantly enrich the pure waters with natural mineral salts such as bicarbonates and trace elements. This balanced purified formula creates the optimum solution to disperse earwax naturally without causing irritation to the delicate ear canal. Audiclean works in harmony with your ears. For complete safety the nozzle is specially adapted to dispense Audiclean in gentle circular jets to avoid direct contact with the eardrum. These circular jets cleanse around the ear canal allowing the excess wax and dirt to flow out naturally.


100% Sea Serum® (Natural, Chemical-Free, pH-Balanced, Sterile, Isotonic Seawater - Rich in Bicarbonates).

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