Otoscan’s new 3D scanning technology removes the need to have a silicone impression made of your ear, which means minimal discomfort for you.

What do we need an ear impression?

We use an ear impression as the blueprint to custom fit any hearing product for fitting in your ear. Using an ear impression to design your hearing aid gives you maximum comfort as the hearing aid is tailored for your ears.

Are Ear Impressions painful?

Tradition ear impressions for hearing aids are not painful but can be messy and uncomfortable for many reasons.

While having an impression made not only can it be messy, it is known to cause a cough reflex which is a neuro reflex called “The Vagus Reflex”.

Two other neuro reflexes are triggered by instruments used in the ears.

– The Trigeminal Reflex (sometimes called “red reflex”)
– The Lymphatic Reflex is a slower reflex mainly resulting from overwearing of hearing aids while the user is still getting used to them

The Vagus and Trigeminal reflex may be evoked during the insertion of an otoblock and during an otoscopy.
Using a 3D ear scan removes this uncomfortable process and is less intrusive.

Does ear wax candling work? The left over wax is from the candle not your ear.

Using an Otoblock can cause you to cough, gag , and your eyes to water while taking an ear impression.

What is an otoblock? An otoblock is a small, shaped piece of foam inserted before taking an ear impression to protect the inner ear and eardrum. It is attached to a length of string to ensure it is easily removed. The otoblock is what can induce the reflexes above.  

 By booking an appointment at Premier Hearing, you will be getting a 3D ear scan which is not only less intrusive than completing a silicone mould but is also able to able to scan the ear 5mm deeper than traditional silicone ear impressions. You get the best results, so your hearing aid will fit perfectly to your ear with less chance of needing it to be remodelled or remade.

Why do we use a 3D scan instead of traditional ear impressions?

We are constantly finding the best ways to improve our customer experience. We have invested in this new 3D scanning technology by Natus, which enables you to relax and not need to lift a finger whilst you are with us, giving you time to enjoy your cup of tea. Premier Hearing are 1 of only 30 3D ear scanners in the country. We use the latest tech for measuring and fitting hearing aids with our 3D scanner which is gold standard in hearing care.

Ears blocked? We can help.

Not all GP’s will perform ear wax removal, so you may need to pay for this privately. 

Premier Hearing based in Loughborough (LE12 8PY) offers ear wax removal from just £67. 

Contact us today to learn more about ear wax removal or book an appointment.

We also have a great article on why your ears are blocked.

Free Lifestyle Hearing Assessment

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