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Lifestyle Hearing Assessments are completely patient and client-centred. Our assessment enables the Audiologist to provide the best option or hearing solution to your needs. We can determine the very best solution to your problem with independent, impartial hearing advice.

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Micro Suction Wax Removal service


Ear Wax Removal should be carried out by a professional, many home remedies can be dangerous! An ear blocked with ear wax can cause issues with your hearing, your balance, and your overall ear health.

Some symptoms you may experience are:


Difficulty in hearing



Ear infection

Tinnitus, which can be sounds or high-pitched ringing coming from inside the ear

Contact us to get a thorough assessment to see if micro-suction or other safe ear wax removal solutions may benefit your quality of hearing.

If you want more information on ear wax and ear wax build-up and how it affects your hearing, then we recommend either speaking with us or checking out the NHS website page on ear wax blockages.

Audiology Services

Audiology Services

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Audiology Services

Premier Hearing is proud to offer the complete range of hearing and tinnitus services, from free lifestyle hearing advice, hearing tests at home, industry leading hearing aids, tinnitus management, wax removal, and more.

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But which hearing aid should I choose?

Which one does what now?

Our professional and friendly team are here to help you find the perfect hearing aid for you, your ear type, and your lifestyle. Just like glasses, hearing aids come in many different shapes, sizes, and abilities, and we will help find the perfect hearing aid for you.

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The most expensive one is not always the best option!

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Ringing, hissing or clicking sounds? It could be tinnitus!

Is that ringing in your ears getting louder and affecting you more and more? Maybe it’s a clicking or hissing sound? Then you may have tinnitus and could benefit from a session with one of our hearing professions about your quality of hearing.

Lots of different things can cause Tinnitus from a myriad of medicines, loud sounds, physical damage to the head, or hearing loss. Determining the cause of the tinnitus can help us pick the right hearing therapy to manage your tinnitus issue.

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