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Hearing Assessment

Lifestyle Hearing Assessments are completely patient and client-centred. Our assessment enables the audiologist to provide the best option or hearing solution to your needs. We can determine the very best solution to your problem with independent, impartial hearing advice. We can offer these hearing assessments in-home or branch, both of which the audiologist will be in full PPE, set up in a safe environment, this is to ensure your safety during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Do You Need a Hearing Test?

If you suspect you have hearing loss, you will need to have a hearing assessment or hearing test. Premier Hearing uses a lifestyle and PATIENT CENTRED CARE approach to evaluate your hearing. The effects it has on you, your family, and your support network and how best to solve them. Hearing loss can affect anyone and often progresses so gradually, which means it can be difficult to notice in the short term. If you feel as if you are starting to struggle with your hearing, then a hearing assessment from Premier Hearing will help you. Leaving untreated hearing loss can have enormous consequences on you, your family and friends and supporting others, which is why hearing loss can be exhausting not only for the person suffering but also loved ones close to them. Regardless of your age or job, you should get a hearing test if you (or a loved one) feel like your hearing is not as it used to be. Those most at risk of hearing loss are those older than 57, and workers in high-noise occupations, such as construction, factories or anything that involves noisy machinery. Even busy office environments can pose a risk to your hearing health.


What happens in a Hearing Assessment

When you have your hearing assessed for the first time either at home or in our COVID-19 safe branch, we will go through a medical and lifestyle questionnaire. This questionnaire helps the hearing care professional understand your hearing, and the effects it has on you. Your hearing health professional might want to discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing. The discussion may include the situations when your hearing may affect you most. Getting this information will enable them to provide the best-tailored solution for you. The hearing care professional will examine your ears and ask you questions about to determine your ears health. They will do this by using the latest video otoscopy technology so they can (as well as you) see the general health of your ears, to get a full understanding. The hearing health care professional will then guide you through your journey to better hearing, firstly by measuring your hearing and assessing whether you will need more help with your hearing. It could be a medical issue like wax. If that is the cause, then the hearing care professional can remove it there and then. Secondly, if it is a case you need a hearing aid, then we can provide several options. Being independent and impartial, we will serve the right advice and care based on your lifestyle.

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