With ear wax candling becoming a popular choice to attempt to remove ear wax, we look to see does ear wax candling work?

What is ear wax candling?


Ear candling or ear coning is a method where you have a specially designed hollow candle placed within your ear and then set alight. The product claims to remove ear wax, although medical research has shown that the practice is both ineffective and dangerous.

What is the stuff left inside the ear candle after using it?


The residue left in the ear wax candle after burning is the residue of the candle cone itself and not the earwax of the person using it. Which in turn answers our question – Does ear candling work. If you are still not convinced please read on for more information on the safety of using these ear candles.

Does ear wax candling work? The left over wax is from the candle not your ear.

Are ear candle cones dangerous?


People have reportedly caused themselves injuries while using these candles, either by damaging the inner ear while inserting them or burning themselves while the ear candle is burning. Professionals and medical practices discourage their use because of the evidence against the effectiveness and safety surrounding these burning ear candles. Read this article about the studies into ear candling If you want to know more.



Edzard Ernst has also published on how ear candles do not show evidence to be effective in removing ear wax.


In short, there is a lot of supporting evidence to show the ineffectiveness and dangers of trying this popular home remedy.

How can I remove ear wax safely?

There are serval recommended options to remove ear wax from the ear canal. 

A popular home method is to use an ear wax softener which typically contains medical grade olive oil. The olive oil softens the ear wax and allows it to come out naturally. This method works in some cases when the ear wax problem is very mild, although may still prove to be dangerous if not applied correctly.

Ear irrigation or ear syringing is where water flushes out the ear wax. This wax removal method is performed by a GP, audiologist or ear wax removal specialist. It can be very effective though some find it uncomfortable however it is usually painless.

Microsuction is where the ear wax is removed with a specialist tool by a professional. Microsuction uses light suction to remove the ear wax from the ear canals. It is less intrusive than ear irrigation and therefore, can be preferred by many patients when having their ear wax removed. It is also quick, easy and affordable for most.

Where to get ear wax removed

Not all GP’s will perform ear wax removal, so you may need to pay for this privately. 

Premier Hearing based in Loughborough (LE12 8PY) offers ear wax removal from just £67. 

Contact us today to learn more about ear wax removal or book an appointment.

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