Conductive Hearing Loss

Your ear is formed of three main parts: Outer, middle and inner ear. Problems with either part can affect your hearing ability.

When sounds can’t get through the outer or middle ear, this is known as Conductive hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can get treated with medicine or surgery, depending on the issue causing the loss of hearing.

Some Conductive hearing loss causes:

  1. Objects stuck in the ear, Kids and Food or beads
  2. Growth or tumour
  3. Perforated eardrum
  4. Otitis media, which is an infection in the middle ear
  5. Fluid in the middle ear
  6. Tumours or Growths in the ear causing a blockage
  7. Earwax build-up
  8. Swimmer’s ear
  9. Genetic problems, for example, a deformed ear canal

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