Can exercise help improve your hearing?

As we are now in 2022 and health being the forefront in people’s minds, hearing health is commonly overlooked but is a vital part of everyone’s lives and affects most people over the age of 55.

Can exercise improve your hearing quality? Although it is debatable if exercise can improve your hearing. Studies have shown it can at least help maintain a good quality of hearing.

Considering your genetics are not the reason for hearing loss, this study into hearing loss and exercise shows that with regular exercise you can maintain a good level of hearing. Using ear protection or not being exposed to loud noises are still important to consider alongside using exercise to help your hearing.

running can help stop hearing loss

What type of exercise will help your hearing?

Cardio exercises, such as running, are beneficial to maintaining healthy hearing, Yoga and stretching have also been found to be healthy alternatives to exercise for your hearing.

In the studies, they mention 20-30 mins of exercise 5 times a week. The great part of this advice is not only will it help your hearing improve in later life but will give you many other health benefits.

How does exercise help your hearing?

Yes, we all know exercise is beneficial to our health and now we know it can also help our hearing. But how does it help?

Cardio and yoga exercises improve blood flow and help move nutrition around the body, which is vital for auditory systems within the cochlea according to Lead author Shinichi Someya, PhD in this study.

Other hearing benefits of exercise

There are yoga poses that can help with tinnitus, but if you have tinnitus that is affecting your day to day life it is best to seek tinnitus treatment

hearing loss tinnitus yoga exercise can help

Ways to help your hearing quality stay good for longer.

There are other ways to help keep your hearing better for longer, this includes obvious tips such as keeping away from loud noises, using ear protection and not having your music too loud while using headphones.

Other tips include keeping your ears dry as when the ear canal becomes wet from such activities as swimming you can develop infections and cause you to have swimmers ear.

Also part of good ear care is not to put things in your ear canal like cotton buds or ear candles as doing so can cause more harm than good.

If you feel concerned with hearing loss then book a free hearing assessment with an audiologist as they can make a personalized plan to help with hearing loss and improve your quality of life.