News about Covid 19 is frequent and sometimes worrying. Already we are concerned with protecting our families and ourselves from this disease; more so than ever as we learn new information about Coronavirus effects.

Studies developed by Kevin Munro, Director of the Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness reported a correlation between hearing functionality and Covid 19. Of the observed participants, over 10% reported worsened hearing and tinnitus symptoms after previously testing positive for the Coronavirus.

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It’s not uncommon for seemingly unrelated or unexpected health issues to present as side effects to a disease. Meningitis and Measles are evidence to this, whereby they have proven to trigger hearing loss and problems. We now know that Covid 19 causes nerve damage which can give rise to a multitude of problematic symptoms, where the brain struggles to relay and receive information, this has often resulted in ‘brain-fog’ experiences reported from sufferers even long after they recovered.

There has been no precedent for the aggressive targeting of human senses by this disease. In addition to the more commonly known loss of taste and smell, sudden and permanent loss of hearing is become more frequently linked as a consequence to Covid 19.

Information about this relationship between Covid 19 is new, much like most of our knowledge of this disease, we are still in our adolescence concerning grasping the full effects. Therefore it is highly reasonable to predict more correlation with unexpected health issues such as hearing loss and Coronavirus in our future.

Amount of people suffering hearing issues after contracting Covid 19
Getting a hearing test

It is vital for the understanding of Covid 19 to have all health issues investigated and reported. Early detection of said problems will determine what our future lives look like with this disease; being aware of this it is especially important to allow medical and scientific professionals the prospect of early detections of issues surrounding hearing. Treating loss and damage of hearing before it becomes permanent is crucial to our wellbeing and quality of life. If you or anyone you know experience ongoing or unexpected health problems as a result of Covid 19, you must pursue appropriate treatment for any symptoms you may experience. Seeking a hearing test today could be a beneficial motive to safeguard your health in these uncertain times.

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