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If You Think You May Have Some Sort Of A Hearing Problem Then Chances Are The BETTER HEARING BRITAIN Initiative Can And WILL HELP You Today

Hello I’m Philip the Audiology Director of Premier Hearing, an independent family run hearing care company and Founder of this campaign.

The fact you are on this page, I suspect you may be noticing a loss in your hearing.

Maybe you’ve started to notice it’s getting more difficult to understand people in a group in noisy environments.
Maybe you’ve have noticed people mumble or don’t speak clearly when they talk.
Maybe you’ve been having trouble with people when they talk and think they mumble.

You may have had this problem for a while now and not sure if this is age OR there is something else going on.

Good news! It’s not your fault.

You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from some sort of hearing loss, but many never take the steps to correct it, because they don’t even know that there is a problem.

This is where the better hearing Britain initiative CAN help.

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This will help you find out exactly what might be causing your hearing problems. You can then finally start hearing properly again OR JUST HAVE the satisfaction of knowing what’s going on.

This means you you will have a clear diagnosis and a plan of attack so that you can start hearing better again.

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