Here you will find the answers to the 7 most common ear wax removal questions our professional audiologist – Philip Kenny RHAD, MSHAA.

Philip has over 25 year’s experience in the audiology and hearing care field and founded Premier Hearing to provide hearing care with a patient-centred approach.

Frequently asked questions about ear wax removal we will answer for you: 

  1. Is ear wax removal safe?
  2. Will ear wax removal improve my hearing?
  3. Is ear wax removal painful?
  4. What method of ear wax removal is best?
  5. Do ear candles help remove ear wax?
  6. How do I know if I need ear wax removal?
  7. How much does ear wax removal cost?

1. Is ear wax removal safe?

With any medical procedure, there are always some potential side effects, however, ear wax removal is considered a safe procedure. Ear wax removal is carried out by a trained professional which ensures they are safe and effective. The method of ear wax removal known to be the safest is Micro Suction. You can read more about Micro Suction on our services page.

2. Will ear wax removal improve my hearing?

In most cases where ear wax needs to be removed, you will notice an improvement in clarity of your hearing as the blockage to your inner ear is cleared allowing the sound to reach the parts of your ear that detect sound. Although removing ear wax can’t actually improve your hearing of any pre-existing hearing conditions. Once you have your ear wax removed, we advise having a free lifestyle hearing assessment to test your hearing.

We have people come to Premier Hearing who had their ear wax removed with an NHS doctor in the belief that they had an ear wax build-up causing their hearing difficulties which turned out not to be the cause through our free lifestyle hearing assessment.

3. Is ear wax removal painful?

Although the impacted ear wax itself can cause swelling, irritation and ear infections, No the removal of ear wax is not painful. During the procedure of removing the wax, you may feel a strange sensation which could differ depending on the method of wax removal you are receiving. People do not report that ear wax removal hurts while being carried out by a trained professional.

4. Which method of ear wax removal is best? 

There are four main methods of removing the wax from your ears these are:

  • Micro-Suction
  • Irrigation
  • Syringing
  • Manual Removal

Micro Suction is considered the top method by most audiologists, this is because not only is it, quick, pain-free and effective, but it also works on both hard and soft wax, leaving no mess or liquids that need cleaning up after. Because of the versatility and giving the best experience for the patient, micro-suction is the method we recommend at Premier Hearing.

5. Do ear candles help remove ear wax?

No, this method of attempting to remove ear wax has been tested and found not to remove any ear wax. The deposits left in the ear candle are the wax from the candle itself. We have a post on this if you want to learn more – Does Ear Candling Work?

6. How do I know if I need ear wax removal?

Your ears are self-cleaning, and for most people ear wax may never be an issue, although large amounts of wax can build up in your ears for various reasons and cause blockages, this may lead you to need a trained professional to remove the ear wax. These are some symptoms of ear wax blockages.

  • Muffled Hearing
  • Dull Pain In Ears
  • Ringing, Buzzing Or Other Tinnitus Sounds
  • Fullness Feeling In Ears
  • Feeling Off Balance

In some cases where the blockage is very small, you could use medical grade olive oil drops to soften the ear wax. We still recommend seeing a professional as the safest option.

7. How much does ear wax removal cost? 

Very few NHS GP’s offer this procedure for most people, luckily it is not very costly and starts from £67. The cost will vary from location and between different providers.

If you have any more questions about your ear wax removal, please contact the Premier Hearing Team for FREE impartial advice.

We also have a great article on why your ears are blocked.

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