Hearing care centre Loughborough

Premier Hearing provide clinic based and mobile Lifestyle Hearing Assessments, Hearing Aids, Wax Removal and Tinnitus Management in Loughborough near Leicester.
We are an independent, impartial hearing advice company. We offer far more than any high street retail store because of the time we spend with our patients and the fact that they will have a consistent, stable and carefree hearing journey with us. We dedicate every day to helping people with hearing concerns and pride ourselves on turning patient problems into life changing solutions that improve quality of life.

Hearing care centre Loughborough

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We provide independent impartial hearing advice in a pressure free environment which allows the patient to make a choice about their hearing future, based on lifestyle and personal requirements. We provide outstanding service using the latest innovative technology at affordable prices. We align ourselves with a key focus of patient centred care every single day. That means YOU get the solution you need, at a price that suits you.


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Hearing Aids

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Thinking of getting hearing aids? You might be lucky enough to experience our latest 3D ear scanner! (see image)

In short hearing aids work by listening to what’s going on around you and then relay it back to you. They do this by putting sounds through an amplifier which increases the power of the sound. These sounds then go through a small speaker to the ear, enabling you to hear better. ”But there are so many!” Don’t worry our team at Premier Hearing, will help you find the best hearing solution that suits you. Remember, the most expensive one is not always the best choice, so our dedicated hearing care advisors take pride in their outstanding customer service to find the best hearing solution for you! Our team will help you find the best hearing solution that suits you.

Ear Scan Loughborough
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Tinnitus, Ear Wax or Other Hearing Problems?

Tinnitus help Loughborough

We have the solution for you!
Hearing aids do not work for everyone, that is why it is best to talk to a Premier Hearing specialist to find the best option for you! Sometimes there may even be a simple solution to improve your hearing this could save you money.

In some instances, it is just a blockage of wax that is the cause of the hearing problem. To help with this, we have numerous techniques to remove wax, like Micro suction. Micro suction is safe and the least intrusive procedure that cleans your ears and removes wax safely and efficiently, this method can help with your hearing. Micro Suction is one of the more innovative ways of achieving wax removal. We also have some advice on why your ears feel blocked.

Be careful using home remedies/methods because they can often push the ear wax deeper, this can cause more issues later on without improvements. This is why it is best to seek our impartial hearing advice before attempting a home remedy.

For further advice, we recommend this handy link for hearing loss advice from ageuk.org


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